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Comfortable and Eco Conscious at Chicago Green Hotel

Pheasant Run Resort fully recognizes the importance of keeping our environment healthy. That’s why throughout the years, we’ve continued to implement ways to conserve water and energy at our Chicago green hotel. Take a look at some of our “green” environmental hotel practices:

  • Palettes that are received on the loading dock are gathered at taken to a recycling location where they are shredded and used again at the resort as mulch.
  • We have installed a new energy management system that gives us the ability to schedule, change and monitor our meeting rooms and some office areas from a computer.
  • We have installed new thermostats in our guest rooms for a responsible Chicago green building. These thermostats monitor and change the room from occupied to unoccupied as well as reset the temperature when movement is not sensed. As part of Oakbrook Hotels, this is an initiative that will be incorporated at all the properties and is already running at our Cleveland property.
  • We use compact fluorescent lighting in our guest rooms and utilize them in many meeting rooms and public areas.\
  • We have installed automatic lighting systems in most meeting rooms that turn on/off depending on room usage.
  • We have a water-saving laundry program in guest rooms.
  • All cardboard boxes received are recycled.
  • When our eco friendly hotel was built, it included a water-recovery system that ties together rainwater roof run-off, surface water, ground water and six manmade lakes.  It runs through underground pipes and fills the lakes on the golf course that is in turn used to irrigate the golf course and landscaping.
  • We have no mow areas around our ponds, which helps to keep the water clean and encourages a healthy habitat for the fish and some animal life.
  • We have a Purple Martin House in the center of the course - a natural mosquito abatement
  • More than 20% of the food served at Pheasant Run Resort is either grown on property or locally grown
  • In October ’06, a Blue Bird Trail was initiated to encourage blue birds to habitat on our course. 
  • The grounds keepers use growth regulators in the water which helps control grass growth, reducing the frequency of mowing and therefore saving on gas.
  • Use of wetting agents to help the soil absorb water better, which in turn allows them to irrigate the course only a couple times a week, vs. every day.
  • Installing 2.5 Gallon per minute shower heads in all guestrooms
  • The resort provided Green amenities in our guestrooms
  • We donate used amenities to local shelters
  • Used printer cartridges are recycled to benefit a local youth program

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